Footsteps Fradley Nursery Car Park & Pre-School Garden

Footsteps Fradley Nurseries car park has undergone a huge transformation!

It was time to say farewell to the large, obstructive, shelter which previously housed the nurseries parking for our families. It’s safe to say the metal structure had seen better days and it was time to go, so it has been completely removed, the car park has also been re-tarmacked with the addition of all new car parking spaces and road markings.

The result is a much more spacious and open car park with better visibility for our staff and our families.

The Nurseries Pre-School Garden has also been updated!

The Pre-School Garden has seen some refreshing changes too. The area has been levelled down to a more open environment, giving the children more space to run, play and have fun, with the addition of their very own road markings for the brand new bike track!

See more photographs of the updates and changes below!