Heart of England in Bloom

As some of you may know the children at footsteps after school club help Sue Hollis, Dosthill’s community gardener, every week maintaining the Broom Field next to Dosthill School.

Back in August, she entered the area as part of the Heart of England in Bloom competition. We have recently found out that Tamworth won gold in the competition and are very proud to have been a part of that. As a result, Sue has received 210 sapling trees from the Woodland Trust which have now arrived and the children have been busy this week by helping to plant them.

As there are so many trees to plant Sue, with the support of Dosthill & Two Gates Residents Association, is inviting all parents and children to come together to plant the other sapling trees donated by the Woodland trust to improve the open space area of the Broom Field.

This event is happening Sunday 19th November from 10.00am until 2.00pm on the Field next to Dosthill School.

If you would like to contact Sue regarding this event or would like to donate any gardening materials please contact Sue on 01827 280997.

Don’t forget your wellies and spade!